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ATA Certified 
A Passion for Language

If you're looking for a language professional with a modern arsenal of tools and credentials, an old-fashioned sense of pride in craftsmanship and a friendly disposition to boot, look no further!

Turnkey translations...
If you're hiring a professional translator, it's probably either because you want to know precisely what that French document says – down to the hidden subtext! – or because you want the result to be carefully written to appeal to an English-speaking audience. I can help.

...and conference interpreting
Whether you're holding a meeting with overseas prospects or an international conference, professional interpreters can make you feel like everyone speaks the same language. Find out your options here.

Have a specific question?
If you'd like to know something that isn't explained on the site or are already raring to jump into a project, feel free to contact me. I respond promptly to e-mail messages during waking hours in Monterey (GMT-8).



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